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Previous events

In April, May and June 2019, we held ‘conversation’-style world cafe events in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Geelong.

In these meetings, we asking participants to discuss two questions and to be as creative as possible without a consideration of cost:

  1. How could prison function differently to prepare people for successful release?
  2. What conditions are needed within communities to effectively support people post-release?
Perth World Cafe venue hosted by Red Cross

The idea was to conduct a collective ‘re-imagining’ of an inside and outside experience that would facilitate outcomes that are in the best interests of people with lived experience of prison from their point of view and a community point of view.

These events

  • Considered alternatives to prison that are suitable for most people in prison
  • Explored how could prison function differently to prepare people for successful release and the conditions that are needed on the ground within community to effectively support people post release
  • Allowed everyone to learn from each other’s experience and perspective
  • Contributed to the draft platform for our solution-based reform which was presented for discussion at the annual Reintegration Puzzle Conference on 26 June 2019 in Darwin.

Photo gallery of events

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