Darwin conference update: Themes from our world cafe tour across Australia

Over 50 people attended the workshop in Darwin on 26 June

Last week, we got together at the Reintegration Puzzle Conference for a free workshop to talk about our recent world café style conversations around Australia. These were events in Perth, Brisbane Geelong, Sydney and Melbourne earlier in the year where we worked together to develop solutions to reduce the imprisonment rate and the rate at which people return to prison in Australia.

At the workshop, we had a group discussion of the major themes associated with each of the two questions that have been posed at the events. These questions focused on changes that are needed both inside and outside prison to enable people to have better outcomes when they return to community.

While we are still in the process of reviewing all of our notes from all of our events, we presented our draft themes for the workshop. In the presentation, we noted that in formulating these preliminary themes, there was some variation in the emphasis placed on various themes across event locations and a large number of sub-themes associated with each of the major themes.

Naomi Murphy from Woor-Dungin speaking at the workshop

Here are the draft themes:

How could prison function better toward release?

  • Reform Prison Culture and Service Provision
  • Facilitate Service Linkage and Throughcare
  • Employ a Trauma-based Approach to Therapeutic Care
  • Engage in Stigma Reduction

What conditions are needed in the community for support?

  • Facilitate Knowledge and Skills
  • De-stigmatisation and Inclusion
  • Throughcare Training and Services
  • Advocacy and Leadership
  • Acknowledge Complex Disadvantage
  • Funding

Next steps

Next up is completing the review, publishing our findings and advocating for those changes through our newly formed After Prison Network.

You can support us by:

  • following the Network on this website so that you stay connected with us and are partners with us in change.
  • sharing this blog and website with your networks and on social media.
  • consider becoming a state or territory contact for our network.
Website and Network launch at the workshop

Welcome to our network and website

Every year at our annual conference, a group of people end up at the conference bar imagining how good it would be if there was a national network that links up everyone for the rest of the year. A small group of people have been working on this for the past 3 years, but to make it work, we need your support now.

— Joe graffam

Founder of the Reintegration Puzzle Conference